Review | Darksiders 3

by Foggy, 10-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Fury and her embrace. Fury and her Horse. Fury and…She is dull as heck in this game, let's be honest. But past all that lies great game killed by technical performance. Do not get influenced by bad reviews, play the game.

Review | Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country

by Foggy, 04-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

A pinch of nostalgia, a bit of old school vibe, FF12 battle system rip-off and huge maps to explore. That is Xenoblade Chronicles, and also much more.

Review | Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

by Foggy, 04-08-2019, Edited by: Foggy

Edited by Foggy, 02-01-2020

I thought my life was strange. Then I played Life is Strange. Now everything is strange. Oh, what a strange start of a review. Endure 3 episodes of drama – it's better than movies anyway.

Review | Judgment

by Foggy, 14-07-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

I've dated 4 girls at once, shot ninja from the wall with my drone, caught Ass Catchem, pervert king and panty professor. Of course, I've beat all Kamurocho's sorry yakuza asses who got in my way and defended justice in the court. Welcome to Judgment.

Review | Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

by Foggy, 06-07-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Ancient Yakuza Kyriu and Haruto the child. Just another day in Yakuza universe. While still great to play, it feels just a bit under some earlier releases. Still, it's Kyriu and Kyriu would like you to use him to beat everyone.

Review | Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

by Foggy, 26-06-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Metroidvania is back. Former glory is here just to remind us that great games exist, but not to copy that recipe. As far as i'm concerned, 10 titles like this can make me happy and I will play them all.

Review | A Plague Tale: Innocence

by Foggy, 19-06-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Them rats! Aaah whoah! Rats! Aaah whoah! Is what Ghost sings about this game. I like the song and I like the game. Beautiful and inspired by the great plague, little girl and her slingshot.

Review | Ys: Origin

by Foggy, 13-06-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Fast paced action jRPG that will suit your hunger only if you are a fan of the series. Uninspired design and repetitive replayability will turn you off more than on. Graphics are also top notch. Not.

Review | Cosmic Star Heroine

by Foggy, 11-05-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Retro dosage of science fiction based jRPG that will use music to hook you on and make you enjoy the experience. Never underestimate the power of 8bit. And give us more games like this please.

Review | Days Gone

by Foggy, 26-04-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

3 Days Gone...Since I’ve beaten the game. How much days will be gone when playing? Couple of days, enjoyable and on some occasions - frustrating days. Overall it is the best zombie open world game to this day.