Review | Luigi's Mansion 3

by Foggy, 02-11-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 11-12-2019

Good ol' Nintendo. I never expected it would be this fun. Luigi is so damn fun it makes Nintendo really an ultimate entertainment system. A king of entertainment if you will.

Review | Blasphemous

by Foggy, 30-10-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 31-10-2019

No matter how many they make them; This genre will live forever. Now with a pinch of soulsborne world, there is not a single reason not to play it. Kill and be killed, whats better than that.

Review | Medievil

by Foggy, 24-10-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 24-10-2019

Technically ruined remake makes an entrance through our doors. Still lovely but at the same time frustrating as hell

Review | The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

by Foggy, 13-10-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

How to take classic game, brush it into something beautiful and retain complete spirit of it at the same time. Be sure to check this one out if you missed original, you will simply not regret it.

Review | Code Vein

by Foggy, 07-10-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Anime Dark Souls which just ain't that. They tried too much copying from other games that they just never innovate in their own. Still, a solid start can lead to even better future, we can only hope to see.

Review | Catherine: Full Body

by Foggy, 25-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Well, i can't describe this game in just few words, so imagine sheeps, nightmares, adultery, Tetris and Persona had a child. That about sums it up.

Review | Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

by Foggy, 13-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

20 years passed, FF8 is still good. Let's see what awaits us in next 20 years and will Square finally learn what they have to do. Meanwhile, sit back and remember how it all used to be.

Review | Control

by Foggy, 02-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Remedy took control. No questions asked, buy and play the game, there is just everything good in here that you can think about their finest days and innovative gameplay.

Review | Oninaki

by Foggy, 29-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

What does ACDC and Oninaki have in common? The are both beating around the bush. Just that ACDC does it how it should've been done.

Review | Sea Of Solitude

by Foggy, 21-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

I think I found Trico from Last Guardian in this game. He was embarrassed where he ended up. It seems like EA just keeps throwing bad mojo all over the place.