Review | Code Vein

by Foggy, 07-10-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Anime Dark Souls which just ain't that. They tried too much copying from other games that they just never innovate in their own. Still, a solid start can lead to even better future, we can only hope to see.

Review | Catherine: Full Body

by Foggy, 25-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Well, i can't describe this game in just few words, so imagine sheeps, nightmares, adultery, Tetris and Persona had a child. That about sums it up.

Review | Final Fantasy 8 Remastered

by Foggy, 13-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

20 years passed, FF8 is still good. Let's see what awaits us in next 20 years and will Square finally learn what they have to do. Meanwhile, sit back and remember how it all used to be.

Review | Control

by Foggy, 02-09-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Remedy took control. No questions asked, buy and play the game, there is just everything good in here that you can think about their finest days and innovative gameplay.

Review | Oninaki

by Foggy, 29-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

What does ACDC and Oninaki have in common? The are both beating around the bush. Just that ACDC does it how it should've been done.

Review | Sea Of Solitude

by Foggy, 21-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

I think I found Trico from Last Guardian in this game. He was embarrassed where he ended up. It seems like EA just keeps throwing bad mojo all over the place.

Review | Gravity Rush 2

by Foggy, 17-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

When you cannot reach, shift gravity. When you can't move your furniture, use stasis. When you want game with best story out there – do not play Gravity Rush 2. Otherwise, it’s a lot of fun.

Review | Darksiders 3

by Foggy, 10-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

Fury and her embrace. Fury and her Horse. Fury and…She is dull as heck in this game, let's be honest. But past all that lies great game killed by technical performance. Do not get influenced by bad reviews, play the game.

Review | Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna - The Golden Country

by Foggy, 04-08-2019,

Edited by Foggy, 23-10-2019

A pinch of nostalgia, a bit of old school vibe, FF12 battle system rip-off and huge maps to explore. That is Xenoblade Chronicles, and also much more.

Review | Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

by Foggy, 04-08-2019, Edited by: Foggy

Edited by Foggy, 02-01-2020

I thought my life was strange. Then I played Life is Strange. Now everything is strange. Oh, what a strange start of a review. Endure 3 episodes of drama – it's better than movies anyway.