Review | Nioh 2

by Foggy, 17-03-2020, Edited by: Jim

Edited by Foggy, 19-03-2020

Be a Samurai that you've always wanted to be. Don't turn your back in the dark - they will not rape you, they will just softly hold your hand while they play with your intestinal's. You died.

Review | Darksiders Genesis

by Foggy, 23-02-2020, Edited by: Jim

Journey is yours to take. The hell is one big bastard to defeat. Kill those demons and prepare for Doom Eternal - that's where the real fun starts.

Review | Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

by Foggy, 30-01-2020, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 08-02-2020

Kakamehameha your way in, Masenko your way out. Newest installment is a great add for fans, but for sure it can be something for everyone else to love as well.

Review | Life is Strange 2

by Foggy, 02-01-2020, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 05-01-2020

Yet another drama, this time between 2 Wolves. They are brothers, they tend to go cringe and they fear no one. Drown in the adventure of loss, struggle and infinite brotherly love.

Review | The Surge 2

by Foggy, 31-12-2019, Edited by: Jim Topedino

Edited by Foggy, 10-01-2020

The S-urge – super urge to erase your memory after playing this wonderful experience called the improvement of the first game. It fails to impress and I wonder if it even makes sense to play anything else from D(i)eck13.

Review | Arise: A Simple Story

by Foggy, 23-12-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 02-01-2020

A simple story. That’s it. They said it, they’ve done it. If you are a fan of games like Rime, Shadow of the Colossus or something in that area, Arise is worth your time.

Review | Concrete Genie

by Foggy, 23-12-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 31-12-2019

Draw me a game. Pour water on it. No, gasoline. Light the matches. Ignite. Okay, it’s not so bad, but I’ve really seen better art games. Dive in the world of darkness and use your brush to light the way

Review | Star Ocean: First Departure R

by Foggy, 18-12-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 23-12-2019

Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Ocean of course! How we traveled through time, across the planets and how we grinded up to the level 255 - because we simply can!

Review | Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

by Foggy, 05-12-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 11-12-2019

Experience your Star Wars love in the form of leaders in adventure: Prince of Persia, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Castlevania and Dark Souls. That's one good gang bang if you ask me!

Review | Death Stranding

by Foggy, 22-11-2019, Edited by: Jim Tepedino

Edited by Foggy, 11-12-2019

What do you get when you combine the most boring chores with crazy-ass storytelling? You get Death Stranding and hand cramps – get used to holding 14 buttons at the same time for most of the time.